Terms & Conditions


Booking Terms & Conditions - to be read in conjunction with licence Agreement.

  • A booking fee of €300 is payable by card upon booking. This fee will be refunded in full at the end of year unless there are deductions for damages or arrears. In the case where first years had pre booked accommodation and subsequently chose to take up an alternative course following 2nd and 3rd round offers then an administration fee of €100 will be retained.  The full fee will be held where somebody cancels his/her booking or leaves before the end of his/her licence period except in the circumstances outlined above.
  • Rent is payable in advance at the start of each semester unless a payment schedule has been agreed.
  • ESB Provision: All apartments are fitted with pre pay Pinergy meters  which the tenants top up. Any students that are found to have interfered with the ESB meters within his/her apartment will be expelled from the village and the relevant College will be informed.
  • Tenants must, at registration, be able to provide a student number as proof of student status, or a valid photo identification.
  • Noise is expected to be kept to a level that will not cause disturbance to neighbouring tenants.. Noise should not be audible outside your apartment. 
  • The security team are on site to control the access and behaviour of students, students will comply to all reasonable requests of the security personel.
  • CCTV is in operation for students security through out the complex,any student found to have damaged or interfered with anything will be reported to the Gardai and punished to the full extent of the law.
  • Obstructions of any kind should not be left in common areas e.g. the stairways or lobbies. The Management reserves the right to remove any such items without notice.
  • No alterations or structural changes are allowed to be made to the apartment.
  • Pets - as per the licence, are forbidden in the complex.
  • Cleaning materials are to be provided by the students.  Management expects each apartment to be kept in a clean condition and inspections will be carried out to ensure adequate standards of cleanliness are being maintained. Should an apartment not be up to the required standard, a contract cleaner will be employed to carry out cleaning and the students will be liable for the costs incurred.
  • Students shall be expected to remove all refuse from study/bedroom and communal areas on a regular basis to the bins provided in the car parks.The cost of waste disposal is included in the utilities provision and is therefore not an extra charge. The student, with the other residents, shall be responsible for ensuring that the entrance to the apartment and the general area around the apartment does not become obstructed or used for the depositing of waste or other material. Communal areas such as stairwells and lobbies in each apartment block must be kept clean. Refuse, personal belongings, or washing are not permitted to be stored on balconies.
  • Repairs required in an apartment should be reported immediately to the Management Company at Reception. In cases where damage is caused to the facilities through negligence, the person responsible may be required to pay the cost of the repair or have same deducted from the deposit at the end of the semester/year.
  • Always report any incidents or accidents and never attempt to repair any faulty equipment.
  • Each apartment entrance door should be locked when not in use.
  • If a resident is absent for any length of time he/she should inform the Management Company and leave an address at which he/she can be contacted in case of emergency. 
  • If a resident leaves Thomond Village for any reason without the prior agreement of the management company,he/she will be liable for payment of all rents due to to the date of the end of the current semester and his/her booking fee will be forfit.
  • Each student is expected to occupy the room assigned to them at registration for the full period of stay in Thomond Village.
  • Transfer to another apartment may only be arranged at the discretion of the Management Company.
  • Students who have motor vehicles should park them neatly in the designated spaces. Please do not use the paving areas or turning area for parking - these are for emergency vehicles only. Normal Rules of The Road apply on the site. All vehicles and bicycles are parked on site entirely at the owner's risk.
  • Bicycles may not be stored inside apartments. Students should park them in the designated bicycle spaces, and secure with appropriate lock.
  • Drugs are not permitted in Thomond Village under any circumstances. If a student is found to be using / buying / selling or in possession of any drugs either in an apartment or in any of the common areas, it will result in automatic expulsion from Thomond Village. The Management Company, in cooperation with the Garda Siochana, will monitor closely all apartments during the year.
  • The unnecessary activation of or tampering with a fire alarm is considered a serious act of vandalism, which will result in a fine levied against the individual or apartment responsible for such an act. Abuse of the fire alarm WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • No rent will be refunded to any students who are found to be in breach of the above.
  • Fire resistant doors should not be propped or wedged open at any time.
  • Each bedroom is provided with an Internet connection. Note! Each student using the Internet connection is responsible for ensuring that they do not, in any way, contribute to the transmittal or spread of any computer virus or similar, or any material of a pornographic or other unsuitable or illegal nature.
  • E & O E. Please note that very considerable efforts are made to ensure that the information on our website is correct and up to date. Nevertheless, in the event that the website does contain any error, it shall not be considered binding on the management company, which will take action to correct the error.
  • The above rules / regulations are subject to change without notice and in addition to those listed in the licence agreement signed by each tenant/student.

E & O E. Please note that very considerable efforts are made to ensure that the information on our website is correct and up to date. Nevertheless, in the event that the website does contain any error, it shall not be considered binding on the management company, which will take action to correct the error.

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